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本文摘要:Google Inc. faces intensifying challenges in China after a popular website and Internet browser company there replaced the search service for its own technology. 中国一家人气颇高的网站及互联网浏览器公司用自己的技术替代了谷歌(Google Inc. )的搜寻服务,由此可见,谷歌在中国面对的挑战正在大大减小。


Google Inc. faces intensifying challenges in China after a popular website and Internet browser company there replaced the search service for its own technology. 中国一家人气颇高的网站及互联网浏览器公司用自己的技术替代了谷歌(Google Inc. )的搜寻服务,由此可见,谷歌在中国面对的挑战正在大大减小。Qihoo 360 Technology Co. launched its own search engine last week and is in the process of making it the default on its website and browser, said Chief Financial Officer Alex Xu in a Tuesday interview. The Beijing company, whose Internet browser reached about 270 million monthly users in the first quarter, previously offered Googles search technology as the first choice. 奇虎360科技有限公司(Qihoo 360 Technology Co. )首席财务宽徐祚立周二在拒绝接受专访时说,奇虎360上周发售了自己的搜索引擎,目前正在将其设置为奇虎360网站和浏览器的配置文件搜索引擎。这家北京公司此前曾将谷歌搜索引擎作为用户的选用。今年一季度,该公司互联网浏览器的月用于人数超过大约2.7亿。

Qihoos move underscores the uphill battle Google faces to penetrate a market dominated by domestic rivals, including Baidu Inc., which holds 78.6% of the search market in the second quarter, according to industry research firm Analysys International. 奇虎360的行径凸显谷歌在打进一个由百度(Baidu Inc. )等国内竞争对手主导的市场时面对的艰难挑战。据行业研究公司易观国际(Analysys International)的数据,今年二季度百度在中国搜寻市场所占到份额为78.6%。Googles search market share in China has dwindled since it announced in 2010 that it would no longer adhere to Chinas censorship policies and moved its Web search and other services to Hong Kong, where it doesnt have to comply with regulations in mainland China. Google held 15.7% of Chinas search market in the second quarter, according to Analysys. 2010年,谷歌宣告不愿再行遵从中国内地的审查政策,并把网络搜寻和其他服务移至了香港。在香港,谷歌不用遵从中国内地的规定。


It isnt clear exactly how Qihoos decision will affect Googles market share. 奇虎360的要求将对谷歌的市场份额产生怎样的影响目前尚能不确切。Although Mr. Xu said users will still have the option to select Googles search service, the switch makes it likely that Qihoos users will use its own services. In the first quarter the company estimated it had 77 million unique visitors per day to its website. 尽管徐祚立说道用户仍可选择谷歌的搜寻服务,但奇虎360转变配置文件搜索引擎的作法可能会使用户转而用于奇虎360的搜索引擎。该公司估算,今年一季度其网站日独立国家采访流量为7,700万。

Qihoos Mr. Xu said that Googles customer service had declined since it made its decision to leave China in 2010, and that Qihoos aim was to provide a quality search engine for its users. 徐祚立说道,自2010年谷歌要求解散中国内地以来,其客户服务仍然在走下坡路,奇虎360的目标则是为用户获取高质量的搜索引擎。We believe there is room in Chinas search market for a search engine that can provide more relevant results at a fast speed, he said. 他说道,我们指出,对于一个需要较慢获取更加多简单结果的搜索引擎来说,中国搜寻市场还是有它的空间的。A Google spokesman in China declined to comment. 谷歌派驻中国发言人不予置评。

Not well known outside of China, Qihoo makes revenue by using its popular security software to drive users to its aggregator website, where it sells advertisements and links. 奇虎360在中国以外并不是很出名。该公司利用自己颇受欢迎的安全软件更有用户采访其单体网站(它在网站上销售广告和链接),进而创收。

While Baidu dominates the market, analysts say there is room for small players like Qihoo and local search provider Sohu.com Inc. to win ad revenue, which is more resilient in search than other parts of the Internet, like social networking. 尽管百度在中国的搜寻市场上占有主导地位,分析人士答道,奇虎360等小公司以及中国本土搜寻服务提供商搜狐(Sohu.com Inc. )有夺得广告收益的空间。搜寻服务中的广告比社交网站等互联网其他领域的广告弹性更大。

Google continues to operate offices in mainland China, but its search and other services like Gmail are frequently disrupted by the governments web filtering system. 谷歌在中国内地仍有业务,但其搜寻和Gmail电子邮件等其他服务经常因政府网络过滤器系统的阻碍而中断。Despite its setbacks in China, Google still has a considerable presence there. Its Android mobile operating system was on about 83% of devices sold in the second quarter, according to Analysys, and it continues to run an Internet and mobile advertising business in the country. 尽管在中国内地阻碍,谷歌在那里仍有相当大的影响。

据易观国际的数据表明,二季度中国销售的移动设备中有大约83%配备的是谷歌安卓(Android)移动操作系统。此外,谷歌在中国内地仍有互联网和移动广告业务。The shift is the latest in a long-term trend of Chinese Internet companies supplanting Western rivals in the China market. 这种改变是中国互联网公司在中国市场上代替西方输掉这一长期趋势中经常出现的最新进展。China is already partially isolated from the rest of the Internet by government censorship efforts, regulatory requirements that include locating servers and other key equipment locally, language and other factors. 由于政府审查、将服务器和其他主要设备设于本地等监管拒绝、语言以及其他因素,中国早已部分地与世界其他地方的互联网阻隔。

EBay Inc. largely withdrew from China in 2006, leaving Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. in a dominant position there, while local companies fill the roles of Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and Googles YouTube, which are all blocked in China. 2006年,EBay Inc.基本上解散了中国内地市场,使得中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)在这一市场占有了主导地位。与此同时,中国本土公司也分担了在中国内地遭到屏蔽的Facebook Inc.、推特(Twitter Inc.)和谷歌旗下的YouTube等服务的所应扮演着的角色。